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Well, welcome!  Pour a glass of pink bubbly and stay a while.  I'm Mrs. Smith, and couldn't be more excited to share some of my new collections and pop up shops with you!  I've been painting with oils and watercolors since before I can remember.  Working as a cake decorator pulled its influence in the "frosting technique" that creates a soft, layered painting you'll see in most of the oil paintings.   Add simple, joyful places and moments, and you've got a happy artist.

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Life is lived and loved in the simple moments.  Sweet conversations over desert, quiet moments with morning coffee, and cherished memories with your favorite people.
Celebrate those moments.

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Surround yourself with things that make you smile.  And then share that happiness with the ones you love.

I absolutely love working with families to create pieces that bring you back to that special day, and to provide smiles for years to come.  I love collaborations, and I'm excited to work with y'al!

I love asking brides and grooms their favorite moment or detail of their special day.  Sometimes, it's an heirloom the bride tied to the bouquet.  Other times, it's the pet poodles that got to share some of the love of the day.  I love seeing couples celebrate in cities they love, with a city skyline or a cottage in the woods.  THOSE are the things I love painting into your portrait.

Whether you're celebrating your first month, first year, or first ten, I can't wait to work with you to create an heirloom you can pass on to your kids.  

Each bridal portrait is as unique and special as that single best day of your life. 



"Got the painting today and IT IS AMAZING! You are so incredibly talented, and we are so honored that you created this for us! Thank you, again, from the bottoms of our hearts. This is my favorite photo from our wedding and the painting is just the best thing ever. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You know I'll be sharing it everywhere! You are the best!"

"OMG I LOVE it.  Word's can't express how much this painting means to me.  I cried when I opened the package, showed it to my husband and HE got teary eyed which NEVER HAPPENS.  Can't wait to pass this down to our kids.  Thank you 100 x 100!  Let me know if you do paintings of dogs too!"
(and yes, pet portaits are ALWAYS a good idea)


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